Online freelancing jobs for complete beginners

Hi, kumusta! So another FAQ I get from friends and followers of this blog is what type of work can someone try if they want to start online freelancing. To me it actually depends on what current skills and/or experience you already have. So in this blog post I am categorizing different types of online jobs for complete beginners. This is for those who have zero employment experience, and also for those who already have work experience but have never tried online freelancing or any type of remote online work.

These are my top recommended online jobs because they’re great ways to start with when building your skill set and online portfolio, and also if you plan on having a long-term career as an online freelancer.

Just a heads up! Since these work will be done online, it will require you to be a bit tech savvy and have basic research skills. You should already have knowledge on how to use a computer and common software like Microsoft Office and GSuite before you try them out.

Let’s get started!


As in walang work experience, as in never pa na-hire ganern. Pweds na pweds din sa mga may work experience na but have never tried working online. You can try out the following freelance work:

1. Data entry
Super easy to do! Common tasks involving data entry are usually (but not limited to) typing words from a jpg or pdf file to a doc file, copy-pasting from one file to an Excel or Google sheet, or researching some things online and entering specific data to a sheet or database.


  • Research skills
  • Knowledge on basic keyboard shortcuts like:
    Alt + tab to switch between windows
    F2 for renaming files or cells
    Ctrl + C for copying items
    Ctrl + V for pasting items
    Ctrl + X for cutting items
    Ctrl + A to select all items
    Ctrl + S to save your progress

2. Transcription or subtitle generation
There are so many online content creators out there that need transcribers. You basically just need to type out what they’re saying in their video or audio file.


  • Fast typing skills
  • Knowledge on how to generate an .srt file (Googleable!)
  • Knowledge on how to hard code subs (Also Googleable!)
  • Understanding English in different accents

Invest in good quality headphones if you plan on doing this long-term.


1. Photoshop or graphic design services
There are tons of startups and online entrepreneurs out there who are okay with hiring a newbie freelancer to create visual content for them. As long as you have design skills, know how to use Photoshop or software like Canva, and can present some of your existing work (you know, the ones you do during your free time na magaganda naman pala, di mo lang fineflex yiiieee), you should be able to get a client who can use your talent. Usually they need someone who can do basic edits to their photos, make their materials prettier, or create Pinteresty or Instagrammy social media content because they don’t really have much time to do this themselves.

2. Video editing
Actually, like photo editing and graphic designing, a lot of online content creators already know how to edit videos. They just don’t have the time to do it because of their busy schedule that’s why most of them outsource this task.
Usually they need someone who can do basic edits, color grading, create cool transitions, or insert some branding or elements in certain points of the video.
If you have experience doing some of these even just as a hobby, you can definitely offer your services as a beginner video editor. You pretty much have the basic knowledge about it already and if they do have other instructions on how to go about the video editing, I’m pretty sure you can easily grasp how to do it.


1. Content writing and editing or proofreading
OMG mga mamsh there are so many job listings related to content writing out there. Swear. Search ka lang sa at LinkedIn, marami nang lalabas na Content Writer needed ganern. Hanap-hanap lang ng beginner-friendly syempre.

2. English teaching
Yes, you can teach English online even without any prior teaching experience. There are so many learners out there who are willing to pay just to learn English. The only (very very mild) downside when working as an online English teacher is most companies you will work for will need you to have a wired internet connection, so bawal ang WiFi, and it might not be ideal for those who will be travelling full time.


1. Virtual assistance
There are so many virtual assistant jobs out there and they’re really great opportunities to learn different types of online work.
You can try doing admin tasks like booking flights and accommodations, email management, back end/content management, or basic social media management.
Usually, clients who need virtual assistants provide training on how to use the tools they use for their business so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed or not knowing what you will need to do.

2. Customer support
This is actually also a type of virtual assistance except you’ll be mostly talking to customers and providing support (redundant teh? XD), similar to call center work except you don’t have to be in an office since it’s done remotely.

There you have it! Those are my top recommended beginner-friendly online work that you can try out if you want to venture into freelancing. And because you read my blog post until the end, here’s a bonus tip.

Mas maganda mag freelance for clients who are experts in their specific fields like online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, or social media experts. Working for experts directly and not through an agency provides a great opportunity for you to learn more about their business and industry and this can help you in a lot of ways in the long run. Keep this in mind when looking for freelance gigs. 😉

I’ll see you in the next blog!

Colleen ❤
Pintadang Anita

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