Where to find digital freelance work

So, you’re interested to do some digital freelance work in the Philippines but don’t know where to look for one? Here’s a list of my recommended sources for digital work you can do either part-time or full-time pretty much anywhere using your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

These are where I got my side-hustles for the past six years while I was still working in an office except for Onlinejobs.ph, where I got my current full-time work as a Virtual Assistant.

1. Onlinejobs.ph
This site is similar to Jobstreet.com but all the job listings are for online work. There’s every position available here from those who have zero experience to professionals in every niche.

You can create an account, put all your relevant skills in your profile, and link it to your Facebook for added verification. This will help potential employers know that you’re a legit person and increase your chances of winning! Chos. Getting hired balitaw.

2. Facebook groups
There are tons of Facebook groups for freelancers and digital marketers that share tips, topics and job hiring that you could join. You can try searching for them in Facebook using keywords like “Virtual assistant Philippines” or “Freelance Philippines” and filter the results to Groups. All the related groups should show up and you can pick which one suits you the most based on your level of experience.

3. Essays.ph
Essays.ph offers mostly content writing jobs for both beginners and experts. This is also a good stepping stone for those who are looking for experience in content writing.

I used to earn P500-P1,000 per week here, depending on how many titles I claim. It wasn’t much of course but if you claim more titles, you could earn more.

4. LinkedIn Job Search
LinkedIn is more than just an online resume or social media for professionals. You can find all kinds of job hiring for those with or without experience in their LinkedIn Job Search app. They have a feature where you can subscribe to an alert every time new job listings are posted for the keywords of your past job searches.

5. Local businesses and startups
You’d be surprised at how many local businesses and startups near you are looking for virtual assistants. The types of work they usually need help with are digital marketing associates, social media managers, content managers or writers, and graphic designers. You could either Like their page to get updated on those openings OR proactively offer them your services.

6. Students and professionals
So many students in college or those taking their Master’s degree need help with their thesis.

In my experience, I started off by getting offered a proofreading and editing job by my former officemate who was taking his Master’s degree and working on his thesis and then it just branched out to helping him look for related case studies for his paper. He paid me P500.00-P1,000.00 per task, depending on the bulk of work. He was so happy with my outputs that he referred me to his other colleagues that are also taking their Master’s degree but didn’t have the time to look for case studies because they were also working. That’s how I got clients that are still asking for those services up to this day.

I would also get offered transcribing jobs for 20-30 minute audio files but I forgot how much I got paid for that hehe. Though you could charge per minute for transcribing. One of my clients who hired me for this referred me one time as a rapporteur for an event in Ateneo De Manila University, so I got to attend an event for free where they talked about urban resilience and sustainability changes in the Philippines, and that was such a great learning experience.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to those you know are working on their thesis and might need help with simple tasks like these. It helps build experience and network for other potential clients and opportunities.
Let me know your thoughts about this article in the comment section below! Don’t forget to like and share if you think this helped you or will help someone else. Happy job hunting! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Yupyup. Had to do it. What you said here was right. I used essays.ph as a stepping stone to change careers from being a web developer earning more than 30k a month to becoming a writer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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